The Modern Platonist

Paired with the Sky Father, the Indo-European Earth Mother Brings Forth Life in Pagan Myth through Fertile Intercourse with the Sky God

The Most Important Concept in Nietzsche’s Philosophy Is Creating a New Aristocratic Man from the Ashes of God, Transcendence and Mankind Itself

Foreword to the Lecture Series

From Rome and Greece To India, From Jupiter and Zeus To Dyaus Pitar: A Journey of the Sky Deity With an Indo-European Origin

Roman God Iuppiter at the Guidonia Montecelio Capitoline Triad sculpture (Author: Francesco Bini)

How to unleash the innate and natural human need and desire for self-realization in life

Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

There Are No Miracle Wellness Solutions Agaisnt Modern Alienation. Only a Solid Inner Life Can Save Us From the Rat Race.

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

Enlightenment Begins with Learning But Modern People Trust More Their Feelings

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Horses, Chariot, the Sun, Dawn and the Sky Father: From Rome to India a Consistent Myth Has a Proto-Indo-European Origin

The Roman Dioscuri Castor and Pollux, with their horses. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image: author.

Tradition Is Not a Political Reactionary Impulse But Transmission of Knowledge

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Discover This Time-Honored Meditation and How It Works

The main goal of the Lectio Divina is to get closer to the Divine through inspired knowledge acquired while meditating. Image by Aaron Burden.

What Is the Lectio Divina

The Modern Platonist

Neoplatonic Theology, Tradition, Metaphysics, Sophia Perennis, Indo-European Religion & Spirituality.

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