Practical Guide to Nietzsche’s Will to Power

How to unleash the innate and natural human need and desire for self-realization in life

In order to build your will to power you need to:

  • First, you need to create your will. This is the inner force that allows you to overcome your own vices and bad habits, and build strong self-control.
  • Second, equipped with this will, you direct your work, efforts and resolution to power, which isn’t domination, political power or control of other people, but the control over yourself and the self-realization of your life. You unfold what you want your life to be.
  • Third, the will to power shall bring you the strength to overcome yourself and the environment in order to attain, after a long and circuitous journey, your full self, your full humanity.

But, how is this done?

  • Nurture and grow your inner force. Every time that you find yourself idle or in unnecessary or unnatural actions, change it to something that brings value to your inner force. This moment of change, from leaving idleness and embracing self-realization activities, builds your will over time.
  • Every single action, pleasurable or not, business or not, needs to fulfill a higher cause — your higher cause, which is your own self. When you, for example, read, you read for you, to build something that you need. When you undertake any work, make this work meaningful for you — for the sake of your own self and the action undertaken. Make the action reward you, not financially or skillfully but for your self-realization only.
  • Remember that everything that you do should be guided by the following dictum: make sure that all your actions are natural and necessary. If it is unnatural but necessary, discard it. If it’s unnecessary but natural, don’t do it. The will to power grows with the natural and necessary actions, but also with the natural and necessary desire.
  • Explore the unknown with avid force. Be aware that what may seem superfluous today, may be something natural, necessary and highly valuable in the future. The first cause may drive further unexpected consequences that bring you what your will to power has been seeking for long. For example, you may think that doing any sport is of no good. But exercising yourself is both natural and necessary. Starting a random sport may benefit your quest for the will to power in the future in very unpredictable ways: you need to let the spirit and randomness unfold in your life. This is part of the self-realization for a full life.
  • Let your will to power unleash creativity. And let your will to power shape your aspirations and ideas for the future. Live this future in the present, make it fully actual. A clear idea of things and of the future may take long time to shape, but this organic work and effort will always be fruitful.
  • Your will to power is exclusively yours. It doesn’t act against others, because it’s not searching for domination of others, but your own domination. Don’t let anything or anybody define or take control of your will to power.
  • At the appointed time, many years to come, you will know that your will to power has attained your self-realization. But remember that the journey is of equal importance to the ending of it. Again, the will to power isn’t a miserable shortcut for personal or career success. It is the only way for a full life and self-realization. Each man has a different ending. Don’t compare with others, don’t expect to fulfill what others may consider normal. Your will to power will provide what is best for you and will bring you to an overcome and realized version of your self — the best you.

Neoplatonic Theology, Tradition, Metaphysics, Sophia Perennis, Indo-European Religion & Spirituality.

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